EB15-J10 and EB19-J10 video bronchoscopes

Sharp imaging for detailed visualization

  • Offers fast and detailed bronchial system investigation
  • Leads to more precise detection of abnormalities
  • Supports precise demarcation of lesions or tumors

Designed for precise sampling

  • Facilitates smooth and easy insertion of accessories for diagnosis and treatment
  • Efficient removal of secretion and control of bleedings
  • Strong suction even with accessory in place

Reliable for increased user and patient safety

  • New single-use suction valve to minimize cross-contamination
  • STERRAD® compatibility: clearing of multidrug resistant and extreme drug resistant Mycobacterium

Unmatched ergonomic design for ease of operation

  • New-design lightweight control body with ergonomically positioned suction valve, angulation levers, and remote control buttons
  • Easy maneuverability thanks to a very small distal tip bending radius
  • Easy access to right upper lobe due to 210° tip deflection