The High-Definition DEFINA system merges sharp and clear image quality with i-scan technology for fast detection and precise demarcation supporting the adequate patient treatment.

DEFINA System – an unmatched combination

The DEFINA system combines a state-of-the-art HD processor with PENTAX Medical's i-scan technology. Designed for use with two HD bronchoscopes and the EBUS endoscope, it is engineered to support the best clinical outcomes through superb image quality. The unmatched ergonomic design and flexibility of the endoscopes offer you ease of operation in daily use. Complying with increasing hygiene requirements and STERRAD®* compatibility, the DEFINA system provides greater patient and user safety.

* For video bronchoscopes EB15-J10 and EB19-J10.

Compatible to sterilization systems from STERRAD®

HD image: 
right upper lobe

Courtesy of Dr. Erik van der Heijden, RUMC Nijmegen, The Netherlands

i-scan 2 image:
right upper lobe

Courtesy of Dr. Erik van der Heijden, RUMC Nijmegen, The Netherlands

A ground-breaking endoscopic advancement

Detailed visualization

The detailed visualization that HD and i-scan technology provides, facilitates the precise demarcation of suspicious areas and assists in the characterization of abnormalities, to provide information for the therapeutic decision.

Increased safety

For increased user and patient safety, the DEFINA system complies with increasing hygiene requirements through single-use accessories and STERRAD® compatibility.

Easy maneuverability

Unmatched ergonomics and lightness of the control body in combination with the excellent scope maneuverability ease operation.

A system that offers a choice

The DEFINA solution gives you the choice of a light version or the full version with i-scan. The light version of DEFINA can be always upgraded with a separate software kit, available to enhance your diagnostic capabilities to ensure optimized diagnosis results. Once you have made the decision to further enhance your optical diagnosis with i-scan, please contact your PENTAX Medical representative for ordering information on the i-scan upgrading kit.

     DEFINA  EPK-3000

Light version
with upgradable capabilities

Full version 
with i-scan

With its user-friendly interface, compact size, and ease-of-operation, this is the economically efficient endoscopy diagnostic solution for a smaller budget: the light version of DEFINA.

With its excellent price performance ratio, the full version of DEFINA with i-scan is the ideal video processor with which to enter the world of high-definition and i-scan for an enhanced diagnosis.

DEFINA video processor

HD image quality and i-scan technology – at a new level

The compact DEFINA processor offers state-of-the-art HD imaging for detection of epithelial changes. This is supported by i-scan, which by its smart usability further enhances mucosal and vessel patterns as well as tumor margins. i-scan technology guides the user to the area that needs to be biopsied and supports in determining the area to be treated.

Superior image quality for better orientation

  • Brilliant, High-Definition images for a clear, fast and more detailed visualization of the mucosal structures
  • Dynamic range expansion for excellent far-field illumination and better visibility of the distal area

Supporting diagnostic outcome

  • HD image combined with i-scan technology for faster detection, easier demarcation and support in characterization

Ease of operation

  • Compact design for a better fit in the existing clinical environment
  • User-friendly interface for easy and quick settings adjustment
  • Capture the best still image during the procedure with freeze scan function. When activating the freeze function, the processor searches for the best image among the past images by automatically comparing the sharpness

i-scan technology: your diagnostic support

i-scan technology is a digital, image-enhanced endoscopy (IEE) technology by PENTAX Medical. As a virtual chromo-endoscopy tool, i-scan provides an enhanced view of the bronchial mucosal structures and vascular patterns, supporting early detection, easier demarcation, and characterization.

Detection and delineation support with i-scan 1 (SE):

  • i-scan 1 (SE) retains natural colour tones
  • Accentuates epithelial structures in the central airways
  • Enhancement of (lesion) margins and vessel patterns and support of the detection of epithelial changes

Support in demarcation and characterisation with i-scan 2 (SE and TE):

  • Specific imaging technology for further assistance in endoscopic procedures
  • Enhances endoscopic outlines and margins of necrotic areas, non-neoplastic and neoplastic, or inflammatory bronchial lesions
  • Allows better evaluation of the accentuated vascular pattern, which can support characterisation of visible abnormalities

Characterisation and localisation support with i-scan 3 (SE and TE):

  • Colour mode further highlights the vascular pattern
  • Supports characterisation and localisation of safe biopsy sites
  • Beneficial setting for physicians at the beginning of their learning curve or colourblind users