The DEFINA system for ENT is the advanced HD imaging platform for enhanced diagnosis and therapy. Combining a crisp and sharp image with i-scan imaging technology allows advanced diagnosis, stroboscopy, FEES and excellent therapeutic options through the endoscope’s working channel.

DEFINA System -
Re-defining flexible endoscopy ENT examinations

Advanced assessment

Strong and versatile new platform to support advanced endoscopic assessment by delivering a high image quality for a variety of applications

Increased patient’s comfort

Offering increased patient and physician comfort and safety by providing better tolerance and by meeting highest standards in hygiene and reprocessing

Enhanced and safe diagnosis

Latest technology as well as design ensure diagnosis and treatment that is both safe and reliable

Advanced endoscopy with HD image quality and i-scan technology

The PENTAX Medical VNL-J10 product range offers a complete solution for advanced flexible endoscopy needs.

Used with PENTAX Medical HD video processors equipped with i-scan technology the new VNL series will provide support to both diagnostic as well as therapeutic procedures.

The PENTAX Medical DEFINA processor combines HD image quality with i-scan technology for excellent visualization. This superb imaging features support the detection, demarcation and characterization of lesions for the best patient outcome.

i-scan was developed to enhance the visibility of vessel and surface structures. It is a very useful tool to support the early detection, delineation and characterisation of abnormalities.

The i-scan technology enhances structures

HD White Light

Courtesy of Dr Guido van den Broek, Radboud University Medical Centre, NL

i-scan 1 (SE)

Courtesy of Dr Guido van den Broek, Radboud University Medical Centre, NL

i-scan 2 (TE)

Courtesy of Dr Guido van den Broek, Radboud University Medical Centre, NL

Imaging solutions in ENT

System Solution

PENTAX Medical USB Camera System

Mobile and cost effective imaging system for general endoscopy & FEES. Offering efficient recording, reporting and editing options.

HD Performance VIVIDEO system

The innovative design award winning HD system to upgrade your fibre endoscope to distal chip technology. Enhance your diagnostic capabilities with an excellent performance price efficiency.

HD Advanced DEFINA system

The DEFINA system for ENT is the advanced HD imaging platform for enhanced diagnosis and therapy.


FNL series are reliable and durable offering high product and image quality. Perfect match with USB Camera system.

VNL-CP series are uniquely developed to serve needs and requirements in todays ENT practice. By offering a superior image quality compared to fibre endoscopes and improved patient care.

VNL-J10 series are the optimal choice for advanced imaging and therapy. The design allows you to use the endoscopes in a variety of applications like video stroboscopy and treatment of lesions.

DEFINA System Benefits

  • Full diagnostic tool at affordable price 
    Offering maximum flexibility and a broad field of application.
  • HD image quality to support diagnosis and improve patient care 
    Offering high performance at an affordable price.
  • HD image quality for advanced imaging and therapy 
    Offering i-scan, therapeutic opportunities and voice and swallowing assessment.